Essential Oral Hygiene Tips during Summer Travel

As the days grow longer and the weather turns delightful, summer beckons us to embark on exciting travel adventures. Whether you’re loading up the car for a family camping trip, jetting off to a foreign land, or setting sail on a tropical cruise, millions of individuals will be traversing the globe this season.


However, amidst the excitement of summer travel, it’s crucial not to neglect your routine dental hygiene. Extended hours spent in transit, changes in diet, and disruptions to your oral care schedule can create opportunities for tooth decay and gum disease.

To ensure your smile remains radiant and healthy during your summer escapades, our caring dental professionals have compiled some valuable oral hygiene survival tips.

① Stay Hydrated for a Healthy Mouth

Maintaining regular hydration throughout the day helps flush away bacteria and cleanse your teeth, especially when you find yourself consuming meals on the go. Adequate water intake also prevents dehydration, which can lead to dry mouth—a condition that promotes oral health issues.


② Prepare an Oral Hygiene Back-Up Plan

If you’re traveling by air, it’s wise to pack an extra toothbrush and floss in your carry-on bag. This ensures that you can brush and floss after in-flight meals and serves as a contingency in case your checked-in baggage goes astray.

③ Mindful Eating for Optimal Oral Health

When regular brushing is challenging, it’s important to be mindful of your food choices. Minimize the consumption of sugary treats like granola bars, gummy bears, or soft drinks. Instead, pack mouth-cleansing foods like celery and apples, which naturally wash away cavity-causing bacteria and stimulate saliva production, maintaining a cleaner mouth between brushing and flossing sessions.


④ Safeguard Your Teeth

If you plan to engage in sports or recreational activities during your vacation, such as biking, jogging, or hiking, it’s prudent to protect your teeth with a custom-fitted sports mouth guard. Additionally, be cautious about chewing on hard candies or ice, as these habits can lead to dental emergencies when your trusted dentist is miles away.

In Conclusion

Wherever your summer adventures take you, our heartfelt wishes for an enjoyable journey accompany you. By incorporating these oral hygiene tips into your travel routine, you can preserve the health of your teeth and mitigate the risk of dental surprises upon your return home. Safe travels to all, and keep smiling brightly!


Keeping Our Patients Safe:

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  • Providing hand sanitizing stations and following strict hand hygiene protocols.
  • Increasing the frequency of sanitization of high-touch areas and surfaces.
  • Limiting the number of people in the clinic at one time and practicing physical distancing protocols.

The health & safety of our patients has always been our top priority. We encourage everyone to stay safe and to follow the directions of Health Canada and your local health authorities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us! Great thanks for your understanding and support!

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