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Family Care Dental Clinic

Insurance / Your Dental Plan

Your Dental Plan

Family Care Dental Clinic is an Assignment Office.

What does it mean and how does it work?

When treatment is completed, we will charge the co-payment directly to the patient, and will bill the insurer directly for the covered portion. To submit the claims for the patient, our office will ask you to sign the claim form providing your consent to submit a claim for the treatment provided.  If the claim is submitted electronically, we will ask you to sign a form giving us authority to submit the claim to the insurance company on your behalf – we will mail a copy of this signed form to your insurance company.

Assignment Benefits

By providing this service our office will wait to be paid by your insurance company and you will only be responsible to pay the rest of the cost of your treatment directly to the dentist.

Insurance / Dental Plan Co-Payment

Dental Plan Co-Payment

What is Dental Plan Co-Payment?

Most dental plans cover a percentage of the actual cost of the treatment. The balance, or portion not paid by the insurance plan, is called the co-payment. This is similar to the “deductible” that you are required to pay on car and house insurance.

The dentist is required by regulation to collect the co-payment from the patient. Please do not ask your dentist to waive this fee as he or she has no choice but to refuse all such requests.

More Information

Click here to read the Province article on “Understanding your dental coverage: the dental plan co-payment.”

Insurance / Student Insurance

Student Insurance

Family Care Dental Clinic is proud member of Dental Network (ihaveaplan), the Student Dental Plan, and the Student Discount Dental Network (SDDN).

Your Plan covers 70% to 80% of your dental costs and by visiting a Dental Network member, you will receive an additional 20% off dental services. Savings for eligible dental services are calculated based on the Provincial Dental Fee Guide for General Practitioners. And your reimbursement will be processed according to the equivalent General Practitioner fee.

Two things that should be noted is that:

  • Not every student at the institution is on the dental plan. We can checked the student’s coverage when the student has full time enrollment status and have been assessed the fee.
  • Although coverage for eligible services is effective September 1st, the student is not active on the insurer’s system until later in October. This means electronic claims processing is not possible until the Validation period ends.

Click here or Further Reading to find out more.