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3 Oral Health Tips for Winter Season

3 Oral Health Tips for Winter Season

The temperature is dropping slowly and in couple of weeks it is going to be fairly cold outside. This winter season can be annoying for those who have sensitive teeth, and it certainly affects oral health in more than one way.

1. Wet weather causes dry mouth, bad breath

Now we are bracing for wetter weather, and while this may mean good things for the lawns and gardens, it may harm oral health and contribute to bad breath.

Health experts warn that mold and allergen levels increase during times of wet weather, which can cause increased sinus congestion in many people. This increases mouth breathing, causing dry mouth.

The obstruction of nasal passages naturally increases mouth breathing, which reduces the amount of saliva we produce and results in dry mouth. Dry mouth is an oral health issue, because it increases a person’s risk of gum disease, tooth decay and mouth infections.

People who experience this problem should begin drinking more water throughout the day to moisten their mouth.

2. Limit time spent outdoors when it’s freezing

If it is freezing outside and you know that your teeth are sensitive to cold, you have to limit your time spent outdoors. The ability to see your own breath is a sign that you should be heading to a cozy warm room as soon as you can.

Like any other material, the material our teeth are made of expands and contracts when temperature rises or drops. This is why sudden changes of temperature can cause small surface hairline fractures on our teeth. These lead to teeth that are hyper sensitive to temperature change.

In case you have to go outside to do your errand make sure to wear some sort of scarf, so that it can trap warmth around your mouth.

3. When camping, be prepared

Your toothbrush – don’t leave home without it! : It is important to stick to your routine – continue to brush your teeth at least twice per day and floss daily. Carry travel-size packets of floss or dental picks in your purse or pocket that you can use if you’ll be out for most of the day.

If you’re travelling, a collapsible toothbrush and a roll of floss fit nicely into your purse or carry-on luggage. If you will be away from home for more than one day, pack a toothbrush, floss and toothpaste. If you have a cottage, stock up on toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste for the season.

Eat healthy : Indulging in sweet and sticky foods while on camping or vacation can be fun, but try to minimize the amount you consume. Stick to fruits and vegetables as they contain the essential vitamins and minerals our teeth and gums need to stay strong and healthy.

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