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5 Basic Rules for Your Oral Health

5 Basic Rules for Your Oral Health

Achieving optimum oral health is more important that one might realize. And of course, it is more important to care for overall oral health than white teeth.

The following five basic rules will share the essential information on ways to achieve optimum oral health.

1. Take at least two minutes to brush your teeth.

Allow for enough time to give your teeth a thorough brushing when you get up and before bed. Although it’s fairly difficult to reach all the areas that the plaque remains, taking times to brush teeth with a small headed toothbrush is the best way.

2. Less sugar means less cavities.

The risk of cavities decreases by choosing foods lower in sugar and switching to healthier snacks and drinking plenty of water. Fruit juices and soda are chalk full of sugar and can really damage your teeth, so you’re better off drinking water. Reserve sugary foods for rare special occasions and protect your teeth.

3. If you feel pain in your teeth, it should be checked out immediately.

If you’ve been experiencing pain for a long time, discuss the issue with your dentist right away. It might be temporary or it could indicate cavities that should be treated. In a worst-case scenario, infections located in the teeth can even travel to the brain if they are untreated.

4. Try taking a fluoride supplement to strengthen your teeth.

If you notice your teeth are losing their whiteness, or that your gums are giving you problems, you may have to take some fluoride. However, if you use too much fluoride, you can cause yellow spots on your teeth. If you see these spots, cut back on the supplements and anything else that gives you fluoride.

5. Attempt to see your dentist every 6 months.

When you visit your dentist on a regular basis, you can prevent many serious dental problems before they happen. At these visits your dentist will check for tooth decay and tartar buildup. And this is more important once you begin to experience tooth loss. – Taking care of your teeth is an important part of healthy aging.


Keeping Our Patients Safe During This Unprecedented Time:

Under the guidance of the BC Provincial Health, the College of Dental Surgeons of BC and the BC Dental Association, we have implemented strict new clinic standards and safety measures in order to help protect our patients and staff, which include:

  • Pre-screening all patients for COVID-19 prior to accepting in-person appointments.
  • Checking temperatures of all patients and our clinic members using non-contact forehead infrared thermometers.
  • Requiring all our clinic members wear PPE at the clinic premises.
  • Requesting patients bring their own mask and put on the mask prior to entering the clinic.
  • Providing hand sanitizing stations and following strict hand hygiene protocols.
  • Increasing the frequency of sanitization of high-touch areas and surfaces.
  • Limiting the number of people in the clinic at one time and practicing physical distancing protocols.

The health & safety of our patients has always been our top priority. We encourage everyone to stay safe and to follow the directions of Health Canada and your local health authorities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us! Great thanks for your understanding and support!


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