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5 Easy Tips towards Whiter Teeth

5 Easy Tips towards Whiter Teeth

The following tips are what you can easily practice at home to whiten your teeth on your own without leaving home. Fortunately, the procedures described below are affordable as well! Yay! Here are some of the most effective steps to help you have a whiter and bigger smile.

1. Tooth brush should be replaced more often

Do you keep track of how often you replace your old tooth brush? Professional help is of no use if you do not take care or ignore the importance of the most basic and common things. It all starts with small items, so please pay attention to how new your tooth brush is. Why is it so important? The answer is simple. The older your tooth brush is, the more bacteria it accumulates. Such a brush causes more harm than good. Purchase a new tooth brush and learn to clean your mouth properly. Brushing only your teeth is definitely not enough. Massage your gums, clean your tongue and gargle your throat twice a day. The same rule applies to electric tooth brushes. Depending on the frequency with which you use the brush, change the head more often than you used to.

2. A few tasty treats to keep your teeth white

Some of us strongly believe that food and drinks consumed by us can damage our teeth. This is partly true and if you eat plenty of beetroot, black currant or drink red wine, black coffee and tea on a regular basis, then your teeth might not look as white as you would like. Avoid snacks and foods that have artificial colors, such as candies and sodas and replace them with healthier options. Luckily, there are foods than are healthy for your health. You can significantly improve your dental hygiene if you eat apples, celery, broccoli and spinach. Fruits and vegetable are full of minerals that can make your teeth whiter and your enamel stronger.

3. Use a special straw with your drinks

We have already mentioned why and how some certain beverages can influence the way your teeth look. Nevertheless, not only highly caffeinated and dark beverages can do a mess of damage to your enamel. It is easy to avoid unwanted stains on your teeth. All you need to do is to use a straw with drinks that are harmful to teeth. Usually, when we drink the liquid inevitably gets in contact with our teeth. If your tooth enamel is porous, the colors contained in beverages easily absorb into it and your teeth lose their natural whiteness. We recommend you should visit an online store and order a package of straws. Straws do not cost much. On the contrary, you will save a lot since you will not need to spend money on tooth whitening procedures performed by professionals.

4. Gargle your mouth with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar should be in your food pantry at all times. It improves your health from inside out and does not require you to have loads of money. It is known that apple cider vinegar can make your smile more appealing. Start your next morning with a simple procedure – gargle it, spit it out and then brush your teeth. The vinegar removes stains on the enamel plus kills harmful bacteria building up on your tongue, gums and teeth. It might take you a bit of time to get used to the taste. Do not worry, you will soon develop tolerance. Keep in mind that apple cider vinegar is better since gargling regular vinegar is too challenging for most people.

5. Use teeth whitening floss

Tooth floss is an absolute must-have. We are sure that you already have this item in your bathroom. However, tooth floss with whitening components will not only clean your teeth. It will also help you keep the enamel whiter. Whitening floss will reach those spots which are hard to see. At the same time you will make your gums much healthier as well. That’s a simple tip yet quite effective.

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