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5 Good Oral Health Tips We All Know But Hardly Follow

5 Good Oral Health Tips We All Know But Hardly Follow

Fall has arrived and it’s a good time to freshen up our oral health routines. — Here’s the 5 good oral health habits we all know we should adopt but hardly follow.


A bad sleep and hectic morning can cause a bad oral hygiene routine. In other words, a calm, composed morning can help you practice a better oral hygiene routine.

Sleep is the most important part of the day: we should be getting to bed with avoiding blue light from smartphones and other devices at least 2 hours before bed. And we should try to avoid drinking fluids before the bed as this will make it more likely to get up during the night and interrupt your sleep.


Increase your water intake and aim for two litres a day. As the days are getting cold, we tend to drink water less and consume treats and other sweets more. It means we can get dehydrated easily.

Dehydration causes your saliva to dry out and leaves you more susceptible to holes in your teeth. Throw some sweet stuff in the mix with no saliva and your chance of decay goes up. Get yourself a reusable water bottle on you and try to get your two litres every day.


Instead of turning to the sweet stuff, go for foods that stimulate saliva and protect your teeth. Snacks such as nuts, carrots and celery are a good thing to have around.

The body will always respond best to what’s natural, so eat high quality, natural proteins with plenty of fresh veggies and healthy fats along with sipping lots of water and getting a good night’s sleep.

Sticky, sugary foods are likely to remain on the tooth for longer than non-sticky foods. This increases the duration of acid exposure and hence increases the likelihood of decay. This can result in invasive treatments in the dental chair creating negative dental experiences and setting up a pattern of dental avoidance.


Drinking too much sparkling mineral water is a common cause of tooth decay. Increase your water intake and replace soft drinks, energy drinks and fruit juice with still, clean water over sparkling water as sparkling water is very acidic.


Don’t just brush your teeth, floss as well. Many people don’t floss regularly and don’t know how to do it well.

We need to take the floss underneath the gums, not just between the teeth. It is the bacteria that live underneath the gums that cause the most inflammation and damage to our health.

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