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5 Must-Have Products To Maintain Your Oral Hygiene

5 Must-Have Products To Maintain Your Oral Hygiene

The first thing someone notices about you, are your eyes and smile. Imagine a girl falling for you, but the moment she sees you open your mouth, bam — she flinches away. Reason? Bad breath, which is a result of neglected oral health. And mind you: oral health is not just about white, shiny teeth, it also includes how the interiors of your mouth (tongue, gums etc) smell and appear when you smile/laugh. So, take charge and try your best to maintain a terrific oral care regime.

After all, maintaining oral health isn’t a herculean task either. You just need 5 products to take care of the 5 components that consist of oral hygiene- your teeth, tongue, gums, breath and lips. We’re listing them down here!

1. For Starters, A Toothbrush For Your Teeth.

When you say oral care, your teeth are the first thing that are brought up for discussion. And while you may be using the best toothpaste in the globe- that just isn’t enough. It is crucial to choose a toothbrush which isn’t too hard and doesn’t make you bleed at all. And well, it shouldn’t be too soft either. Opt for a toothbrush that has crisscross bristles so it can clean your teeth from the front, top and back at the same time. Keep in mind that it isn’t too harsh on your enamel or gums. Repeat twice a day!

2. Next up, A Tongue Cleaner For Your Tongue.

Right after your teeth, comes your tongue. A tongue that is white or yellow in appearance is home for bad bacteria and hence, bad breath. Clean your tongue regularly with a tongue cleaner to avoid bacteria accumulation. The key to a good tongue cleaner is the material.

The market is flooded with various plastic options, but we suggest you opt for a copper one to get full-proof ionic benefit to remove bacteria once and for all. Rinsing your mouth post meals is another way to ensure that your teeth and tongue remain clean throughout the day.

3. Floss For Your Gums.

A habit that everybody should swear by, but most men don’t: flossing. Flossing once a day removes the dirt stuck between your teeth and keeps any possible harm to your gums at bay. Plus, for supremely happy, pink gums- pay a regular visit to the dentist and get a clean-up done.

4. A Mouthwash To Maintain A Healthy Breath.

Bad breath is a really common problem, that affects one and all. While any sort of mint or chewing gum could be your go-to habit for bad breath riddance, having a refreshing rinse in the morning is important too. A mouthwash is the answer to that!. Remember to chose a mouthwash that is alcohol or ethanol-free, as daily use of alcohol-induced products make the teeth loose their sheen and turn yellow. Use a capful of the mouthwash liquid post your brush and floss regime, to complete your morning oral care routine.

5. A Lip Balm For Your Lips.

Lastly, complete your oral care routine with a stroke of lip balm on your lips. Lip balms are not only a cure to dry lips in winter but if induced with SPF elements, they can also provide protection from the sun. Go to a drug store (or an online store), buy your lip balm of choice and use it daily to complete a great oral care routine. For the Indian summer, we’d suggest a lip balm with SPF abilities for sure.

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