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5 Surprising Foods That Are Hurting Your Oral Health

5 Surprising Foods That Are Hurting Your Oral Health

There are the obvious smile saboteurs: soda, candy, energy drinks; all of which are high in sugar, one of the primary dietary contributors to cavities. However, there are foods that are surprisingly hurt your pearly whites. Here are five of them.

1. Almonds

Almonds are high in vitamin E and chock full of healthy fats. But when it comes to your teeth, there’s nothing to smile about: They are extremely hard. They create a kind of wedge when you bite down, and your teeth can actually fracture as a result.

Your fix : Skip the whole almonds, and opt for the sliced variety instead. That way, your choppers have less to break through, reducing your odds of breakage.

2. Citrus Fruits

The vitamin C in oranges is critical for maintaining the collagen in your gums, but over-consuming citrus fruit can also compromise your smile. If citrus is in constant contact with your teeth, it can soften and erode your enamel. And enamel doesn’t grow back. Lemons and limes are especially harsh, as are citrus fruit juices of any kind since they’re also concentrated and high in sugar. In fact, a 2011 study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that grapefruit juice is nearly as erosive as Coca-Cola.

Your fix : After snacking on citrus fruit or drinking a glass of orange juice, chug a tall glass of water. Twenty minutes later, brush your teeth. Just after you’re exposed to the acid in citrus fruit, your teeth are softened, which means vigorously brushing right away could actually abrade the enamel.

3. Pickled Foods

Pickles are the ultimate sandwich topper: low in calories and big on flavour. But they can be problematic for your pearly whites. Pickled foods have very high acid content because of the vinegar. This can de-mineralize your teeth. Plus, pickled foods often contain sugar, another cavity contributor.

Your fix : After munching on a pickle, grab a bite of cheese. It’s not acidic, and it’s high in calcium content. This can help neutralize a lot of the acids. Or simply pop a piece of sugar-free gum that contains xylitol, which helps cancel out the acid while also encouraging production of saliva to rinse your mouth.

4. Dried Fruit

Dried fruit has become healthy eaters’ go-to on-the-go snack but you may want to think twice about munching on raisins away from home. Since all the water has been sucked out, dried fruit is highly concentrated with sugar and tends to cling to your teeth. When it sticks to the teeth, it can trap a lot of bacteria and usually hangs around for a long time.

Your fix : Ideally, you’ll save dried fruit for at-home snacking. That way, you can follow this protective plan: Swish water in your mouth immediately after munching, then 20 minutes later, brush your teeth.

5. Coffee

Coffee is loaded with antioxidants, but it also has some serious staining potential. The staining can actually attract plaque. When there is build-up on the tooth surface, it’s rougher, so plaque will stick to it easier.

Your fix : You don’t have to down an entire pot every morning to develop unsightly stains. Even a two- or three-cup-a-day habit could lead to brown spots, especially if your teeth have large pores that predispose them to discolouration. If you can’t give up your daily java, consider switching to iced coffee and drinking it through a straw to reduce contact with your teeth. You might also want to consider avoiding added sugar in your brew and pouring in a little milk to help offset the acidity.


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