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5 Tips to a Successful Back-to-School Dental Checkup

5 Tips to a Successful Back-to-School Dental Checkup

Regular dental visits are important year-round, but a back-to-school checkup is key in fighting the most common chronic disease found in school-age children: cavities. In fact, dental disease causes children in North America to miss more than 51 million school hours each year. — Prevention and early detection can help avoid pain, trouble eating, difficulty speaking and school absences. In order to make sure our kids are school-ready, here are 5 tips to a successful back-to-school dental checkup.

1. Timing Is Everything

Time of day can make or break your child’s appointment. Avoid cramming in a dentist appointment right after day camp, school or any other wholesome activities. If the child has already been exhausted or had a bad day or had tests, they just don’t have the stamina to make it through the appointment successfully.

2. Make One Child a Model

If you’ve scheduled back-to-back appointments for your children, there’s a simple way to decide who goes first: Choose the child who’s had the most positive experiences at the dentist. Every child is going to be a little bit different in their temperament about how they approach a visit. You generally want the ones first who are more successful because the others get to see how it goes.

3. A Hungry Child Is Not a Happy Patient

Feed your child a light meal before the appointment. Hungry people are grouchy people. You want them to be comfortable. It’s also generally a good idea not to feed them in the waiting room before you see the dentist because there’s all that food in their mouth.

Bonus points if your child brushes before an appointment.

4. Keep Cool If Your Child Won’t Cooperate

If your child gets upset during his or her visit, the worst thing you can do is swoop them out of the chair and leave. The next visit is going to be harder, and you still have to help them get through part of the visit.

They’re in an environment they feel they can’t control and that makes them upset, so work as a team with your dentist to keep the visit going. Let the dentist lead the conversation. Jump in where you think it helps most, while still allowing the dentist and your child to build a good relationship.

5. Most of All, Plan Ahead

Unfortunately, many parents may not think about making that appointment until the late August, which is one of dental clinic’s busiest times. Planning ahead is good. If families want to avoid the rush before going back to school in August, then plan on getting appointments when things get settled down a bit during September.

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