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Dentures and maintaining good oral health

Dentures and maintaining good oral health

Continuing with good oral hygiene routines and professional checkups continues to be a significant practice for maintaining good oral health, even after natural teeth are replaced with dentures.

If you have complete dentures, you will need to clean and care for your gums on a daily basis. After removing your dentures for the night for separate cleaning as directed by your denturist, use a very soft toothbrush or a clean, damp gauze or disposable cloth to gently wipe and massage your gums.

Scheduling regular checkups with your denturist will help to ensure that your dentures continue to fit well and are in good condition. Checking the fit of your dentures is especially important, as your gums can change shape over time due to age, general health and even as a side effect of some medications. These changes can cause dentures to loosen or cause irritation where the fit can cause rubbing.

Your denturist will also check your dentures for wear and tear and for any staining or other discolouration. These checkups provide an opportunity for any necessary adjustments, repairs or polishing. This also allows for regular examinations of your gums for any signs of oral cancer, disease or infection.

If you have partial dentures or implants, continuing a daily regimen of cleaning and flossing your remaining teeth, and gently brushing your gums if you have removed a partial plate for the night, is extremely important. Ongoing regular dental checkups with your oral health care professional continue to be vital for checking remaining teeth, dental implants and gums for decay and infection.

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