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Ensure oral health for a disease-free life

Ensure oral health for a disease-free life

It is believed that digestion starts from the mouth, so yes, oral health and general health does go hand-in-hand. If enough care is not taken to be orally healthy, rest assured that your general health could also suffer alongside. For example, one could face complications in the gastro-intestinal tract if a `bolus’ is not formed in the mouth with the help of saliva before swallowing it down. Also, oral bacteria present can directly affect the heart since it can enter your bloodstream. It is also mandatory for the dentist to certify that a person is orally healthy before any doctor can perform a surgery so as to ensure that the bacteria infection present, does not complicate the condition of the patient further by slipping into the bloodstream. Due to tight schedules and hectic work life one may not be able to take stock of their dental health in the way it is required. And so an obvious concern haunts many -are we really healthy orally?

Proper diagnosis is mandatory.

Experts say that the condition of orthodontics cannot be guaranteed without proper diagnosis by a dentist. Dr Karishma Jaradi, aesthetic dentist says, “Evading problems like gum bleeding, bad breath, minimal cavity provides a comforting feeling to an individual making room for false ideation about them being orally healthy. Because sometimes unhealthy and camouflaged state of oral problems does not seem obvious to us till the time they are diagnosed from the scratch.” Dr Elakshi Morey Gupta, dentist, says, “Bacterial flora of oral cavity plays a vital role for systemic health.There are many diseases that originate through oral routes. If infection in tooth spreads and enters the submandibular spaces or fascial spaces present in the neck, it could lead to a life-threatening condition known as Cellulitis. Also, Maxillary Sinusitis occurs when one has an infection in the upper tooth which is close to the Sinus area posteriorly . Halitosis or bad breath can also lower one’s self-image.”

Our mouth is a gateway to our body and so, it is extremely necessary to keep it adequately sanitised. If not, then our health is prone to face a lot of problems. We list out a few here.

Disruption in the pH level of mouth

A lower pH level in the mouth could lead to bacteria formation making the teeth and gums susceptible to infection along with bad breath. Our immune system comes to rescue by attacking the infection which ultimately leads to inflammation of the gums. This inflammation will continue to increase unless it is brought under control.


With added time, this inflammation along with the chemicals it releases, corrodes the enamel leading to a form of severe gum disease known as Periodontitis.

Tooth sensitivity

“Abrasion of protective layer of teeth is one of the root causes for tooth sensitivity which, if not treated, will end up damaging the nerve endings present in the teeth and would then require the infamous root canal treatment followed by prosthetic coverage,” explains Dr Gupta. Therefore it is always better to be safe than sorry and to take proper precaution along with continuous follow up with the dentist.

Tooth decay

Loss of tooth and tooth decay are the most major and common consequences of ignoring oral health. General health could also be impacted majorly since everything ultimately enters the bloodstream.

Several complications

Bacterial formation in the mouth can give birth to innumerable problems. Periodontitis is itself linked to several other complications such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, heart diseases etc. Dr Gupta says, “Residential bacteria is very harmful. Many diseases can be transmitted through saliva droplets such as TB, Hepatitis B, etc.”

Infective Endocarditis

Another prevailing condition known as Infective Endocarditis which is one such example of acute infection caused due to pathogens present in the mouth. It refers to the inflammation of the inner tissues of heart caused by infectious agents, which are usually bacterial in nature, present in the mouth.

How to deal with it

It is extremely important that one keeps an eye on the pH Levels of the mouth so as to prevent growth of microscopic organisms. It is believed that a pH level of below 5.5 could lead to acid formation in the mouth. Our lifestyle or eating habits to be specific, also contribute to the imbalance in the level of alkaline.

Sugar, sweeteners and soda diminishes the pH level of the mouth which leads to acidic oral environment, which in turn results in inviting and propagation of bacterial growth.This mushrooming of bacteria makes room for further problems affecting the enamel, causing teeth sensitivity.

Tips to keep in mind:

Regular visits to the dentist is a must.It will help to diagnose initial stages of dental problems and will treat it effectively and in time.

Cleansing your teeth post eating anything is essential. Rinse your mouth everytime you put anything inside it. Brushing twice with correct motion (both anterior and posterior) is mandatory.

Use supplemental care -interdental floss and mouth washes along with your daily brushing.

Having a healthy diet -consuming green, organic leafy vegetables could turn out to be one of the significant . contributors for impeccable oral health.

Another important factor contributing to oral health is how you chew. Chewing your food considerable number of times before you swallow it, helps.

Maintain proper diet -intake of food every three hours is a must so as to not allow consistent growth of bacteria.

Drinking a lot of water thoughout the day is also very essential.l Being regular for check-ups could also be beneficial to nip any oral disease or an infection in the bud and curb it while it is still at a nascent stage.

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