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How Much Does Teeth-scaling/Root-planing Cost?

How Much Does Teeth-scaling/Root-planing Cost?

The short answer: It depends! ^^’

A bit longer answer: We can say that the first-time teeth-scaling/root-planing (“cleaning”) for adults typically range between $200 and $300. Sometimes it is less, sometimes more~ It all depends on the current state of your oral health, and therefore, it all comes down to how much teeth-scaling/root-planing work you would need.

The teeth-scaling/root-planing includes an exam, x-rays, polish/stain-removal, and fluoride. A flat fee will be charged for these exams, x-rays, polish/stain-removal and fluoride. And for the teeth-scaling/root-planing, a fee per unit of time (1 unit = 15 minutes) will be applied.

Oh, one more thing: all the fees here at Family Care Dental Clinic are the same as the suggested by the current BC Dental Association Fee Guide!

Hopefully, this has answered some of the questions you might have. If you have a further questions, please feel free to let us know!

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