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How Spring Allergies Affect Your Oral Health

How Spring Allergies Affect Your Oral Health

When you have spring allergies, your main concern is to feel better. This is especially important if you have responsibilities in your daily life that cannot be ignored. If you are like most people with allergies, you are grateful for products that relieve the symptoms. However, certain products can affect your oral health.

Dental Health And Antihistamines

Many popular products designed to treat allergy symptoms contain antihistamines. They can produce such wonderful results that you may take the products every day while you are suffering from spring allergies.

The sneezing, watery eyes, and other annoying symptoms disappear. At the same time, the antihistamines cause dry mouth. While all you may notice is minor discomfort, dry mouth has a negative effect on your dental health.

Saliva is essential for oral health. When your mouth does not produce enough natural saliva, plaque and food particles build up on your teeth. Although this residue is harmful, the absence of saliva also allows bacteria to remain in your mouth. Dry mouth can eventually result in bad breath, tooth decay, and periodontal disease.

Dental Health And Treating Sore Throats

When you have spring allergies, you may also develop a sore throat. Cough drops are the most common remedy for sore throats. There are oral health issues associated with cough drops. First, many popular brands contain sugar. A sugary drop may relieve your sore throat, but it is harmful to your teeth.

Second, even sugar-free cough drops are sticky. This sticky residue can adhere to your teeth and gums if you do not immediately brush and floss. As cough drops only provide temporary relief, you may be using the drops throughout the day.

When the most common products for allergy sufferers can harm your oral health, you may not know how to deal with these symptoms without endangering your teeth and gums. Start by discussing these concerns with your doctor or dentist. He can recommend a method that will relieve your symptoms without causing other problems.

During allergy season, do not neglect your home oral care. Even if you do not feel well, brush and floss regularly. Choose beverages and foods that promote oral health. Your teeth will be in excellent condition after the season is over.

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