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Low Vitamin D Levels Could Raise Cavity Risk for Children

Low Vitamin D Levels Could Raise Cavity Risk for Children

Some babies may be starting in a trail position with regards to their dental health.

A Canadian study indicates that low levels of vitamin D in pregnant women may increase the possibility of their children developing cavities.

The lack of vitamin D may result in problems with enamel, which directly results in an increase in cavity risk. Enamel starts to form when the fetus is in the womb and a deficiency of vitamin D during pregnancy can certainly have an adverse impact on a baby’s oral health before the teeth begin to erupt.

The University of Manitoba research team analyzed the levels of vitamin D in pregnant women during the second and third trimesters and conducted tests to see what the impact was on the oral health of their children. The total number of women tested was 207 and there were 135 children tested.

The research determined that women with regular levels of vitamin D were significantly less likely to have children with cavities. There was also a correlation between mothers with a vitamin D deficiency and children that dealt with cavities.

The best way for expecting mothers to combat this issue is to add to vitamin D to their diet to lower the risk of deficiency of it in their children.

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