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Modelling Healthy Dental Habits for Children

Modelling Healthy Dental Habits for Children

Making and keeping habits takes time, and that time can vary for each person. Parents are the first and primary example children have when it comes to creating a habit on their own. Committing to these 4 habits and calling attention to your children will help pave the way to great oral care into their adulthood.

1. Keep a stash of healthy snacks for long drive.

Most parents know to bring extra snacks for their kids on days when they’re out for longer periods. But instead of choosing sweets, pack some snack that’s healthy for your health. It’s important for your kids to see you reach for something healthy during the afternoon slump time or on a long day of errands and driving. Keep a stash of nuts and fruit with you.

2. Cut out soda from your diet.

It might be hard to get in the habit of cutting out soda, but the benefits are great. We all know that. Choosing green tea instead can give you just enough caffeine without ruining your teeth, and modelling this habit for your children will benefit your children’s smile just as much as a dentist does.

3. Maintain great oral care even on vacation.

We all try to maintain a good oral care routine at home to keep our mouth clean and healthy: children will notice that. Okay, how about when you are on vacation? It’s okay to enjoy a more relaxed schedule on vacation, but that doesn’t mean your oral care should take a back seat. Vacation time with your kids is an opportunity to demonstrate a continued routine of healthy habits, like daily flossing the correct way and brushing at least twice a day for two minutes and rinsing after a big dinner. Paying attention to your oral care on vacation teaches your kids that some routines can be maintained without giving up a good time.

4. Make a regular dental visits with your children.

One of the most enduring habits you can model for your kids is to maintain great oral care with regular visits to your dentist. If you can, line your appointment up with those of your children. Making your dental care a priority shows them that your own oral care is important and a priority.

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