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Plant-Based Foods That are Great for Oral Health

Plant-Based Foods That are Great for Oral Health

We all know the importance of brushing and flossing for healthy teeth. But we don’t often think about the role that different foods play in this area. Food makes a huge difference in this dimension, as it can deteriorate your teeth or drastically improve them.

It’s common knowledge that that excess sugars contribute to decay, but the knowledge doesn’t stop here. There are certain plant-based foods can assist with cleaning the surface of your teeth, as well as reducing bacteria. If you’re looking to make some easy switches to foods that can improve your oral health or just want this knowledge in your arsenal, check these out.


Here’s another reason to eat your greens! Although often used as a garnish, parsley in specific deserves centre stage on your plate. This healthy green is antimicrobial and contains eugenol, which provides antiseptic qualities and contributes to better breath as well.

Try integrating parsley into your diet in a way that involves more than a light sprinkle. For example, makes yourself a Pear and Parsley Smoothie for a tasty way to get parsley. Or, enjoy as a side pairing in some Autumn Vegetable Soup With Parsley Pesto on those chillier days.


Eating more of this crunchy veggie can do your dental health some favours. The dietary fibre in cucumber helps to clean off teeth and gums. Cucumber is also full of natural water content which enhances saliva production.

The low sugar of cucumber makes it great for healthy recipes. A wonderful way to maintain its crunch is in these Cucumber Pinwheels With Sun-Dried Tomato Avocado Pesto, which are perfect for an appetizer or snack. You can also make some easy Spicy Cucumber Radish Bites for the ideal heat and texture. Or for a healthier analog to pasta, make these Cucumber Noodles With Spicy Tahini Sauce as a fresh and satisfying twist.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Mushroom lovers are in luck, since shiitakes can benefit your mouth too! This is because they contain lentinan, which helps limit bacteria growth inside the mouth as well as prevent gingivitis.

The possibilities with shiitake mushrooms are amazingly broad. Add them to this simple Bok Choy With Shiitake Mushrooms for a flavourful Asian-inspired meal. If you want a warming dish Another useful option is to make these Grilled Maple-Tamari Shiitakes to add alongside your favourite meals. Or, switch up the usual taco night with some Shiitake Mushroom Soft Tacos which will add a welcome flavour addition.


Carrots aren’t just good for eyesight! The keratin in carrots reinforces strength and helps prevent tooth decay. In addition, carrots are high fibre and assist with saliva production, both of which contribute to a healthier mouth.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your carrots. Amp up the flavours with these Miso Braised Carrots and Leeks With Cilantro Cardamom Basmati for a satisfyingly light meal. For a bright and aesthetically pleasing dish, make this Carrot and Radish Salad with Lime Ginger Dressing. If you’re feeling experimental, break out your fermenting skills in this Fermented Carrots With Turmeric and Mustard recipe.


Though they’re often thought of as causing bad breath, onions are actually a solid tool to use for preventing tooth decay. This comes from their natural sulfur chemicals, which are also to thank for onions’ distinctive smell.

To get the full benefits, try using some raw onion in recipes for its distinctive taste and crunch. This isn’t always easy, but luckily there are plenty of available options to get your going. Start off with these Raw Mushroom Burgers, which will provide the perfect vehicle for its flavor. Onions are also perfect in fresh dishes like this Spicy Cucumber Avocado Onion Salad. You can also use them in a tangy side dish for these Seitan Kebabs With Sangria Tomato Salad.

Now that you have these helpful hints in mind, it’s easy to make some simple swaps which can certainly give you some positive results.

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