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Take Five: Dental Health Essentials

Take Five: Dental Health Essentials

Improving health and wellness tops most resolutions for a new year. While eating right, exercising and bettering our emotional and mental health are all important, don’t forget to include oral health on that list as well. Oral and dental health are key components to overall health.

The U.S. Surgeon General’s report in 2000 states: “the mouth is the mirror to the body.” While the mouth can provide early warning signs for potential issues, conversely it can also become the cause for serious health concerns if neglected. We offers 5 ways to make your dental health a priority in this new year.

1. Brush and Floss Daily

It’s the gold standard for good oral health. Simply brush and floss daily. The good news is that most oral diseases are preventable: Brushing twice daily and flossing once a day remove tartar and plaque. When those build up, they lead to staining and bacteria growth. As bacteria builds up, it causes decay, cavities and gum disease. In the big picture, brushing and flossing are a cheap and easy way to prevent costly and potentially dangerous dental and health problems in the future.

2. Regular Check-ups

Schedule a check-up and cleaning twice a year. A professional cleaning removes tartar build up that might be missed with regular brushing and flossing. The bi-annual exam also allows for the early identification of problem areas with teeth and gums — such as cavities and periodontal disease. Also, more than a hundred systemic diseases can cause signs that show up in the mouth. Thorough and regular dental exams can catch the early warning signs of serious medical problems like cancer and heart disease.

3. Early Treatment

Once a problem area is identified, treat it. Putting off treatment will only cause the issue to get worse, and more expensive. Understandably, many people delay treatment for a variety of reasons, most notably the cost and fear of the procedure. Explain your concerns to your dentist. Most dentists will work with you to find options to overcome the hurdles and get you the treatments you need.

4. Priority for both Young and Old

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 50 percent of adolescents suffer from tooth decay (cavities) and 25 percent of seniors have no natural teeth. Cavities at any age can lead to pain, tooth loss and infection. Early intervention and creating lifelong healthy oral habits in kids now can greatly impact their health as adults. Seniors face complications with nutrition and a domino effect of chronic illnesses that poor oral health exacerbate. Make proper oral health a priority regardless of age.

5. Coordinate with your Medical Doctor

Medical doctors and dentists need to work together. Changes in medications or chronic health issues need to be relayed to your dental provider. Concerns your dentist finds during an oral exam should be followed up with your primary care doctor as well. Think of your dentist as a specialist — like a cardiologist or orthopedist. Our specialty is your mouth, teeth and gums. By coordinating oral health care with overall health care, the patient ultimately wins.

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