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The Unexpected Side Effect Of Your Juice Cleanse

The Unexpected Side Effect Of Your Juice Cleanse

Unfortunately it isn’t a positive change in your body at all.

Wy you might want to skip your next juice cleanse: It turns out that all of the sugar from these juices might actually be having a negative affect on your oral hygiene. We asked cosmetic dentists for the lowdown on juice-cleanse cavities and what you can do to protect your teeth.

Apparently, cavities have been reported at higher rates since the juice trend started several years back. We see an increase in decay, even with those who have good home care and see their dentist twice a year. The juice seems to sit at the junction where the tooth meets the gum and in between teeth. And that’s not the only negative effect juicing has on your oral health. When the sugar [from the juices] is consumed by the bacteria in the mouth, it is converted to acid, which wears away tooth enamel. The bacteria can also irritate the gums and lead to gum disease.

So what can you do to help prevent any or all of this?

1. Don’t sip too slowly and follow up the juice with water to wash away the residue.

2. Brush your teeth, but not directly after drinking. Wait about 45 minutes. The acid from the fruit juices can temporarily soften the enamel, and you don’t want to brush teeth while they are in this softer state. The acid can dissolve the enamel, leaving the inner parts of the teeth exposed, which can lead to sensitivity.

Give your mouth some extra care while juicing!

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