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Which Electric Toothbrush Should We Use?

Which Electric Toothbrush Should We Use?

Let’s talk about electric toothbrushes: which one should we use?

Unfortunately, even among dentists, there’s some confusion about which electric toothbrush is best. We get bombarded with clinical studies that promise and show us scientifically based on all sorts of data that this is the best toothbrush. And all the studies on the two different categories are very convincing.

Essentially the two different categories are Oral-B Braun and Sonicare.

Oral-B Braun

The Oral-B Braun was the first one to come to market with a good electric toothbrush. It has a rotary, very high-quality head. It oscillates at about 30° back and forth. And some of them pulsate a little bit. So it’s a great scrubber. It’s safe if used properly. And it removes the pellicle and the skin of the tooth very effectively.


Then came along the Sonicare. And this, essentially, it scrubs the teeth using soundwaves. Its big strength is getting in between the gums and removing plaque that you can’t quite reach. The theory is that the sonic waves reach out, and there’s some action and efficacy beyond the bristles.

Which one should we use?

Using both is desirable, if we’d decide to use at all, hoping that the overlap between the two strengths of the toothbrushes will help.

However, we would recommend the Oral-B Braun to people under age 40.

The Sonicare, because of the way it feels initially, is a little alarming to kids, because of that sonic wave effect. But it’s easier for adults to use this, also for parents to use this on their children. So, for the under age 40 crowd, the Oral-B Braun is what we recommend since it’s strengths are removing the pellicle and removing stains.

The Sonicare, on the other hand, is for people that maybe don’t floss as much as they should, the over age 40 crowd, or anyone with some gum recession. When food is getting caught in between the teeth and you’re not flossing, the Sonicare tends to dive in a little bit better. It’s also a little bit more maneuverable.

We sincerely hope this article has helped!

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